Text Mining

Looking forward to enriching your data?
DIG IT analyses and extracts data from non-structured models to enrich your database.


Looking to boost your SEO ranking with unbeatable price contents ?
SCRIBT is able to produce natural language premium contents in an automated way at a speed and scale unseen before.

Support in the writing of
customer reviews

Wishing for your Internet users to join in ?
VERDICTO assists the Internet user when typing a review and encourages him to share it widely within his network.

Enrich your data templates

Flexible and efficient text mining technology dedicated to wide data templates extraction or analysis.

DIG IT applies a set of rules to a data set and to a context in order to process and deduce the right information.

Based on structured data obtained with DIG IT, our SCRIBT technology can intervene and transform those data into texts.

Solitaire in 750/1000 gold. 0.75 ct HSI quality diamond. Average weight of gold (base reference: size 54): 3.7 grams. Assuredly your perfect engagement ring!
  • Jewellery type: Ring
  • Main colour: Yellow
  • Jewellery material: Yellow gold
  • Average weight of metal: 3.7 g
  • Hallmark: 750/1000
  • Stone type: Diamond
  • Total weight of stone(s): 0.75 ct
  • Diamond quality: HSI
  • Type of event:engagement

Strong brightness solar energy lamp - 10 LEDs - Colour: Black - Pattern: Plain - Material: Plastic - Floor or table lamp - On/Off switch - Bulb type: LED - Type of electrical supply: Solar energy - Number of LEDs: 10 white LEDs - Delivered component(s): battery(ies) included in the product (Ni-Mh 600mAh/AA).
  • Type of product: Lamp
  • Main colour: Black
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Type of electrical supply: Solar energy
  • Type of switching on/off: Switch
  • Type of bulb: LED
  • Number of bulbs: 10
  • Bulb colour: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Accessories delivered: Battery(ies)
Value your customers’ opinion

> Giving your advice becomes easy! Your clients can post comments and share them with their friends with just 10 clicks.
> More comments, more relevant.
> Opinions instantly reinterpreted in several languages, no literal translation.
> A real synthetic textual review to offer to your clients.

Boost your traffic (SEO)

> The comments are guaranteed with no spelling or grammatical errors, so they require no proofreading (no more moderation needed!)
> Perfectly relevant comments from 50 to 3 000 words.
> Unique structured texts respecting the new SEO rules.

Go viral in a unique way

> A new playful and value-adding social network offering different language levels.
> A technology developed for the Internet and designed for mobile devices and social networks.
> Reliable reviews technically controlled with a mathematical / matrix algorithm instead of using a textual model.

video game

A gaming e-commerce website wishes to multiply the players’ feedback on its products. The website wants those comments to be auto-moderated with a perfect quality. It also wishes to integrate a synthesis note for the product information sheet in order to guide the consumers during their purchasing experience.

Text to generate



We offer the most competitive rates on the market: just dare to compare

Pay by the word, based on 3 quality levels, from €0.002 per word

Content packages or subscription (API)


Exclusive descriptive or advice-oriented custom texts

Unique texts optimised for search engines

Increased time spent on your website

for quality

Texts guaranteed with no syntax or grammatical errors

All sectors covered (travels, high-tech, restaurants, automobiles...)

Several levels of language and vocabulary

conversion rate

Exclusive descriptive or advice-oriented custom texts

Real decision-making tool for your customers


Texts thought out and generated in the language of your clients

Optimal translation throughout the process

THE solution to approach new markets


Reduce the processing time of your writing projects

Real-time text generation without volume limitations

Regular and automated update of product catalogues

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An e-commerce website wishes to improve its SEO ranking, its traffic and its conversion rate while reducing the content production costs.

IFILUX ENL60710S | HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE | REFRIGERATOR / FREEZER | AMERICAN | IFILUX | no frost cooling, dynamic cooling | 531L (356+175) | A+ | 40dB | free standing | 90.3 cm | 4 shelves – 2 vegetable drawers – 1 bottle-holder shelf – 2 drawers | stainless steel | Alarm bells controlling temperature and door opening - Water, ice and crushed ice dispenser - Freezing power of 10kg/24h - 2 drawers - Automatic defrost

A travel website wishes to attract customers, inform them and lead them to a purchase. It also wants to improve its referencing and make a difference between its competitors.

“Le Beau Rivage“ | Paris | France | 4 stars | 37 rooms | built in 1920 | renovated in 2008 | Montmartre : 0.4 ; Moulin Rouge : 0.1 ; Musée Gustave Moreau: 0.5 ; Sacré-Cœur Basilica: 0.8 ; Saint Lazare train station: 0.9 ; Palais Garnier: 1.2 ; Musée Grévin: 1.3 ; Gare du Nord train station: 1.5 ; Musée Nissim-de-Camondo: 4.0 ; Vendôme Column: 1.74 ; Bristol: 1.8 ; Ritz: 1.6 ; Crillon: 1.9 ; Parc de Belleville: 4.0 ; Palais de la Porte Dorée Tropical Aquarium: 7.6 ; Louvre Museum: 2.5 | Internet access - private parking lot - restaurant - air conditioning - bathtub - bathrobe - meeting room - fax - laundry - beauty salon - sauna - disabled access - pets allowed - private parking lot - air conditioning - balcony - restaurant - room service - concierge service - free Internet access – television - satellite television - VOD - breakfast buffet - multilingual staff - bar - lounge - minibar - hairdryer

Our commitment
By transforming the way you deal with information on the web,
semantics can revolutionise your performances....

While respecting a constrained budget, websites have to improve and constantly renew their content in order to optimise their SEO and respond to the growing expectations of their clients.

Internet users’ opinions become increasingly important, therefore the expression of their points of view should be facilitated.

The mass of information that web players have to assimilate is growing exponentially but they need tools in order to facilitate information processing and enrichment.

We are calling for a pragmatic approach based on the real needs of the Internet in order to create solutions allowing to cater for the specific requirements of each field of intervention. We are making significant investments in fields where content needs are relevant and growth potential is of paramount importance.


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